Long Island's Doctor Who Convention
November 10-12, 2017
Hyatt Regency Long Island

Programming Preview

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In advance of our full schedule being released online, here is the nearly full panel programming list. This will help you plan your L.I. Who experience.

The panel list doesn't include times yet as we are still tweaking some details. It is listed by day and is roughly in chronological order. The full schedule should be available in a few days.

Friday November 11, 2016

L.I. Who Videos

Welcome to L.I. Who. You've just stepped in the door. Sit down and watch some L.I. Who TV on the big screen and plan your convention day. Steven Davis.

Taking Our Kids to the Doctor

Younger and younger viewers are expressing interest in seeing and learning more about Doctor Who, much to our Whovian parents' pride and enthusiasm. But where are the safe entry points into the series based on each child's age and temperament when it comes to potentially complex or at times scary science fiction? Using personal anecdotes and audience input, the panel devises possible "primer sets" for children to begin their Doctor Who viewing experience safely and enjoyably. Panelists: Drew Meyer, Susan Talbutt, Heather McHale, Jay Witten. Moderator: Keir Hansen.

Whovians Unite!

This panel is of fans, about fans, for fans of Doctor Who. Come learn about the history of the fandom, famous Whovians, and share your own story about what being a Whovian means to you. Hosted by the Boston Whovians. Panelists: Bud Santos, Marc Brunco. Moderator: Caitlin Walsh.

The Technicolor Nightmare Coat

Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor, is interviewed about that lovely coat and his era as the Doctor. Guest: Colin Baker. Moderator: Barnaby Edwards.

Jemma Redgrave and U.N.I.T. in the 21st Century

Jemma Redgrave talks about her role as Kate Lethbridge Stewart on Doctor Who. Guest: Jemma Redgrave. Moderator: Deb Stanish.

And the Nominees Aren't...

Though a lot of fans believe that Doctor Who has been at an artistic height for the past couple of seasons, it's difficult for the actors, the creators, and the show to get awards attention. We want to talk about the current bias that exists towards genre shows on television when it comes to voting bodies and the Doctor Who performances and episodes that most deserve those nonexistent trophies. Panelist: Kathleen Schowalter. Moderators: Kim Rogers, Sage Young.

Not the Mind Probe!

A discussion by fans to find the very worst Doctor Who story of all time. Panelists: Drew Walko, Tina DeLucia, Logan Fairchild. Moderator: Chas Martin.

This panel is geared towards anyone who wants to learn more about the movement against convention harassment and how they can help. Cosplayers are also encouraged to share their positive and negative stories. Panelists: Amanda-Rae Prescott, Keith Klitsis. Moderator: LH Roberts.

Doctor Who GO!

There are Daleks, Cybermen, and even Weeping Angels hiding all over the con! Fire up you Sonic Screwdriver (or your smartphone with a QR Code reader app) to track them down! You can pick up more information at the Info Desk starting at 1:00. (Kids Only) Stefanie Gangone.

This or That with Paul McGann

Coffee or tea? Chocolate or vanilla? Summer or winter? Get to know Eighth Doctor Paul McGann on a whole new level as Kim Rogers and Sage Young of Head Over Feels administer the ultimate personality test. Guest: Paul McGann. Moderators: Kim Rogers, Sage Young.

Anneke Wills Is Polly

First and Second Doctor companion Anneke Wills in conversation with author John Peel. Guest: Anneke Wills. Moderator: John Peel.

Andrew Cartmel: Script Editing the Seventh Doctor and Beyond

Andrew talks about his three years script editing Sylvester McCoy's Doctor. Guest: Andrew Cartmel. Moderator: Robert Smith?.

The Guy That Was in That TARDIS

Looking at and paying tribute to all those wonderful character actors/actresses who have found their way into Doctor Who over the years. Panelists: Andy Hicks, Drew Walko. Moderator: Cat Smith.

Cosplay 101: Turning Ideas into Outfits

How do those awesome cosplayers find/make their outfits? Our panel of former newbies will help you demystify the process of completing your first cosplay. We'll show you our favorite sources, how to navigate the wilds of eBay, and the best hacks for beginners. Panelists: Emily Ivins, Alexis Calhoun. Moderator: Amanda-Rae Prescott.

Paul McGann Estrogen Brigade

The Paul McGann Fan Club wants to recruit you. Come see what it's all about. Carla Friendly.

The Director of The Five(ish) Doctors: Peter Davison

Peter Davison talks about directing his 50th Anniversary film with filmmaker Joshua Lou Friedman. Guest: Peter Davison. Moderator: Joshua Lou Friedman.

The 1996 Companions: Daphne Ashbrook and Yee Jee Tso

Daphne Ashbrook and Yee Jee Tso talk about their work in the 1996 TV movie with Paul McGann and discuss other projects they are involved in. Guests: Daphne Ashbrook, Yee Jee Tso. Moderator: Drew Meyer.

Andrew Beech, BBC Special Consultant for Doctor Who

Andrew Beech is BBC Worldwide's Doctor Who "Guru/Historian" across the board. Andrew will take audience questions about anything that isn't confidential or embargoed. Andrew Beech.

Markers of the Rani Game Show

Like Pictionary, guess the clue being drawn by your partner as you race against the clock. Collect points to win fun prizes. Abhay Saxena, Daniel Anderson.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Doctor

Discussing the role Douglas Adams played during his time with the series and where his own work intertwines with the show, back when he was actively involved and since then. Panelists: Jody Harkavy, Chris Kocher, Andy Hicks. Moderator: Chas Martin.

Extended Universe Meetup

Cosplayers and other general fans of the extended universe of Doctor Who (novels, audios, comics) can talk to fellow fans. Alexis Calhoun.

I Call Him Professor: Sophie Aldred

Sophie Aldred played the Seventh Doctor's companion Ace. Guest: Sophie Aldred. Moderator: Cat Smith.

The Daleks with John Peel and Nick Briggs

A conversation on the Daleks by John Peel, expert and author of books about the Daleks, with the voice of the Daleks, Nick Briggs. Nick Briggs, John Peel.

Raising Hell with Clare Higgins

Filmmaker Joshua Lou Friedman talks to Clare about her Hellraiser films and maybe some Doctor Who, too. Guest: Clare Higgins. Moderator: Joshua Lou Friedman.

The Three Doctors Autograph Session

Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and Paul McGann all in one place signing autographs and also Peter Purves a companion to the First Doctor. Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Paul McGann, Peter Purves.

Colour Separation Overlay

The Bill Factor. How does the Season 10 cast change the conversation of diversity on Doctor Who? What can past tell us about what to expect in the future? Panelists: Lanaia DuBose, Nate Blumystique. Moderator: Amanda-Rae Prescott.

Andrew Beech's Who Museum

Andrew is the curator of the Doctor Who Experience and has brought some artifacts from his personal collection to be seen up close. Andrew Beech.

Peter Purves is Steven Taylor

Peter Purves was a companion to the First Doctor. Guest: Peter Purves. Moderator: Deb Stanish.

Matthew Jacobs: Directing and Producing the Micro-Budget Movie

Matthew Jacobs is a producer, screenwriter, and actor whose last two features Bar America and Your Good Friend have been made for well under 100K. Matthew's presentation describes the process of keeping your film project under budget and developing the perfect in-the-room pitch. Matthew Jacobs.

Diversifying Doctor Who Fandom

Join us for an open-ended discussion on how the current debates on diversity in genre media and in fandom can be applied to Doctor Who fandom. Fan bloggers/podcasters/writers, cosplayers, and fan artists of diverse backgrounds are especially welcome to assist the panelists in brainstorming ways to make Doctor Who fandom more diverse! Panelists: Nate Blumystique. Moderator: Amanda-Rae Prescott.

The LGBT Doctor Who Fans Meetup

A safe place to meet other LGBT Doctor Who fans and make new friends. Carla Friendly.

Dinner of Rassilon

Our Friday night dinner was a highlight of our past three conventions. This year will be even better! For Master Plan and Valeyard pass holders, it's a chance to put on your best and dine with our celebrity guests. There's food and entertainment and a special appearance by our own L.I. Who house band Cat Smith. Please be aware that the guests will not be signing autographs or taking pictures. It's dinner time. Doors open at 6:00 pm. Festivities start at 6:30 pm. Ken Deep.

L.I. Who's own Frazer Hines

L.I. Who favorite Frazer Hines tells stories from his time with the Second Doctor. Guest: Frazer Hines. Moderator: David J. Howe.

Richard Franklin: From Doctor Who and Beyond

Richard Franklin appeared as Captain Mike Yates in U.N.I.T in the Third Doctor Era, but he also was in The New Avengers and more. Richard Franklin, John Peel.

The Future of Libraries: This Isn't Your Grandma's Library Anymore!

Over the years, libraries have developed new ways to bring the public into its doors. By adding 3D printers, embracing the eBook world, and teaching kids STEAM by providing science and coding classes, libraries have come a long way! Come join in the discussion with the Suffolk County librarians. Panelists: Nicole DeSalvo, Anne Witte-Russo, Katie Regina, Kate Brand. Moderator: Stefanie Gangone.

Time Lord Timeline Check-in

If you are participating in the Time Lord Timeline costuming event at 8 pm, you should check in here with director Jan Fennick. Jan Fennick.

The Sci-Fi Sea Cruise Meetup

Dan Harris will tell you about the Sci-Fi cruises with the stars of Doctor Who. Dan Harris.

What Do You Want from the Next Two Years of Who?

It's been a while since we had new Doctor Who on our screens and the next two years promise a ton of changes, not least of which will be a new showrunner for Season 11. So let's do what good fans do best. Speculate randomly and chat through what we hope will be coming to our screens. Who should come back? What should be phased out? How excited are you about Bill? What controversies should get resolved or addressed? Basically it's a free-for-all back and forth hosted by DWNY's Barnaby Edwards, who may or may not have had bourbon beforehand! Only one rule--NO SPOILERS. This is all for fun! Barnaby Edwards.

Doctor Who Classic Series Trivia

Fans of all ages can participate in interactive Jeopardy-type trivia shows featuring wireless lock-out buzzers just like on TV game shows. Games will be hosted by the Time-Lord of Trivia, John Horne of Jam Machine Productions from Pennsylvania. John Horne, Bill Kanas.

Time Traveling Books and Books that Stand the Test of Time

The Suffolk County librarians will be discussing their favorite subject, BOOKS! Why have classic books such as Frankenstein or The Hobbit held popularity for so long? Are there any current books that have the potential to be classics in fifty years or are we in a writing rut? Panelists: Nicole DeSalvo, Anne Witte-Russo, Katie Regina, Kate Brand. Moderator: Stefanie Gangone.

The Time Lord Timeline

Please join us for the third annual Time Lord Timeline, a chronological showcase celebrating fifty-three years of Doctor Who fashion and fun! From "An Unearthly Child" to sneak peaks of Series 10 (airing in 2017) with possible detours into The Sarah Jane Adventures, Torchwood, Class, Big Finish Audio, and Doctor Who comics, the Timeline honors the show's rich history of canon costumes, makeup, and accessories. It will be chock full of Doctors, companions, friends, and foes. This will be a cosplay event to remember! Pre-registration for this event took place online, but if you missed out, last minute sign-ups may be taken during the day on Friday until 5 pm depending on which costumes/characters are still available. Check in and line up will be at 6 pm in the Cosplay room. Jan Fennick.

Doctor Who New Series Trivia

Fans of all ages can participate in interactive Jeopardy-type trivia shows featuring wireless lock-out buzzers just like on TV game shows. Games will be hosted by the Time-Lord of Trivia, John Horne of Jam Machine Productions from Pennsylvania. John Horne, Bill Kanas.

Rachel Talalay's Cinematic Sensibilities: Dark, Death, Sent & Bent

Director Talalay describes herself as a visual storyteller who "just guides things." We think she's underestimating her talents. Moffat says Talalay is "unusually fluid, her style always shifting to fit the demands of the narrative," and challenges "anyone to watch her (Talalay's) four Doctor Who episodes and identify them as the work of a single director." Warren Frey of Radio Free Skaro and Irene Richard think they can in this discussion. Warren Frey, Irene Richard.

Legacy Doctor Who Meetup

Meet other friends who are into the Legacy game. Maybe there will be some codes to be had. Susan Cummings.

The Happiness Patrol Live Podcast On Stage

The HP podcast returns to record another live show on stage at L.I. Who with Nick Briggs and Sophie Aldred. Guests: Sophie Aldred, Nick Briggs. Moderators: Lewis Bailey, Chas Martin, Nancy Alegria.

The Impossible Show

Death-defying stunts! Wonders beyond belief! Tales that will chill you to the bone! The Impossible Show has none of these things, but we're working on it for next year. But let me ask you this! Do you enjoy ridiculous convention sketch comedy? Ever wanted to see your favorite Doctor Who characters face off in a rap battle? Are you partial to the musical stylings of Cat Smith? Then come check out The Impossible Show: L.I. Who 4's sketch-variety-surrealist comedy-performance thing with special surprise guests. Hosted by Andy Hicks and Cat Smith and featuring most of the usual suspects. Andy Hicks, Cat Smith.

Intro to Big Finish

With over two hundred individual stories from Classic and now New Who Doctors, getting into Big Finish might seem a bit daunting. This panel offers their recommendations on where to begin in the wonderful world of Big Finish. Panelists: James Robinson, M.A. Solko, Kim Gordon. Moderator: Elain Freeman.

Whovians Singles Mixer

A meetup for Whovian singles. Carla Friendly.

Match Game of Rassilon

A fun game hosted by Joshua Lou Friedman with surprise guests. WARNING: Strong language. For mature audiences only. Joshua Lou Friedman.

Should Capaldi Quit with Moffat?

Exploring the pros and cons of a Doctor staying on through different producers. Panelists: Bill Evenson, Dave Barsky, Kathleen Schowalter. Moderator: Robert Smith?.

Oh No Who Didn't!

MST3K meets Black Twitter for this screening of "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS." Help our panelists with sarcastic commentary. Panelists: Drew Meyer, Caitlin Walsh. Moderator: Amanda-Rae Prescott.

Tom Baker 1993 Interview Screening

Andrew Beech presents a rare video interview of Tom Baker from a 30th Anniversary event in the UK. Andrew Beech.

Saturday November 12, 2016

Locations, Locations, Locations

How many of the iconic (or not so iconic) Doctor Who locations have you been to? Are you planning to make that a component of your London/Cardiff/Paris/Amsterdam/New York trips? Or have you been to other places where our favorite show has been filmed? This panel will feature people who have taken those trips with pictures and tips on how to plan your trips and routes. Barnaby Edwards, David J. Howe, Keir Hansen.

Class is Now in Session

Class is Patrick Ness's Doctor spin-off and has only been out for a few weeks, but our panel has quite a few things to say about what they've seen so far. Panelist: Jay Witten. Moderator: Jan Fennick.

Invasion of the (Very) Small Squares

What's up with the popularity of colored squares these days? The PixelWho Team will discuss their project and its origins; the history, background, and modern revival of 8-bit/pixel retro art style; and provide some fun giveaways during the panel. Presented by Nathan Skreslet and Ly Cao from PixelWho. Nathan Skreslet, Ly Cao.

Is Doctor Who a comedy?

Doctor Who can be very funny sometimes. Often inadvertently. And sometimes deadly serious. We explore whether it's just faking the seriousness. Panelists: Dave Barsky, Bill Evenson, Kathleen Schowalter. Moderator: Robert Smith?.

Social Media for Cosplayers

The landscape of social marketing changes daily. What you need, how to manage it, when to post, and where can get very complicated. You have already invested so much of your time in making your cosplay that talking about it shouldn't be this difficult. Join us to discuss ways to market yourself online, tricks, tips, and ideas to make the most of social marketing as a cosplayer, crafter, or business. CJ Roberts.

LEGOs and Coloring Pages

Come spend time building whatever crazy thing your mind comes up with. LEGOs and coloring pages will be available for kids to enjoy. (All Age Kids) Presented by The Suffolk County Library. Stefanie Gangone.

New Jersey Doctor Who Fans

There are some great Doctor Who fan clubs in our neighboring state of New Jersey like The Jersey Jagoraths and the Prydonians of Princeton. Meet up to learn about these clubs and make new friends from your area. Carla Friendly.

Portraying Kate Lethbridge Stewart

Jemma Redgrave is Kate Lethbridge Stewart in the New Series of Doctor Who, daughter of the Brigadier. Guest: Jemma Redgrave. Moderator: Barnaby Edwards.

Richard Franklin: Up Close and Personal

Richard Franklin played Captain Mike Yates in Doctor Who alongside Jon Pertwee. Guest: Richard Franklin. Moderator: Edwin Thrower.

BBC Television Production in the 60s and 70s

The 60s and 70s were a fascinating period culturally in producing television at the BBC. Our L.I. Who guests who were there share stories about the business, how things are done now, and what the recent regime change--and Brexit--could mean for the future of the BBC. John Peel, Frazer Hines, Peter Purves, Andrew Beech.

Companions of a Certain Age: Women over 35 in Doctor Who

We'll discuss (slightly) older women's roles in the series. Who are the most influential older women in Who? How have roles for women changed over the course of the series? How has age determined the nature of Doctor/companion relationships? Kerry Timony, Cat Smith.

Cosplay Photography Workshop

Want to know how to shoot a cosplay session, the dos and don'ts? Then this is the session for you! And people in the audience are welcome add their views. Keith Klitsis.

Gallifreyan Jeopardy

Show off your Doctor Who mastery in this quiz style competition! The winner will get an awesome Whovian prize. Game starts promptly at 11:05. Stop by the Gallifreyan Schoolhouse to sign up. (30 Child Max) Presented by The Suffolk County Library. Stefanie Gangone.

The Philadelphia Doctor Who Fan Meetup

Philadelphia area fans come to this meetup and find out just how many fans are here from your area. Make some new friends. Carla Friendly.

"The Night of the Doctor"

The Eighth Doctor Paul McGann talks about the 50th Anniversary short video along with Clare Higgins who played one of the sisters of Karn. Guests: Paul McGann, Clare Higgins. Moderator: Joshua Lou Friedman.

Anneke Wills: A Biography

Anneke Wills talks about her two-part biography book and her time on Doctor Who in the 1960s. Guest: Anneke Wills. Moderator: Deb Stanish.

Monsters: A Weeping Angel and The Silent

The monsters are in the House! Sarah Louise Madison played the Weeping Angel and Ross Mullan played The Silent. Guests: Sarah Louise Madison, Ross Mullan. Moderator: Barnaby Edwards.

(Re)Generation Convention, Maryland

This Maryland convention is doing its third event on March 24-26, 2017 in Cockeysville, Maryland. Showrunners Oni Hartstein and James Harknell fill us in on what's up with this upcoming Doctor Who convention. Oni Hartstein, James Harknell.

Cosmic Costume Cavalcade Pre-meet

Check in with Costuming Events director Jan Fennick to learn what you need to know to participate in the 6 pm mainstage event. Jan Fennick.

Junior Cosplayer Workshop with Duct Tape!

(Workshop) Use duct tape to creates your favorite Doctor Who cosplay! It will be FEZtastic!. Stop by the Gallifreyan Schoolhouse to sign up! (30 Child Max) Presented by The Suffolk County Library. Stefanie Gangone.

The New England Doctor Who Fan Meetup

Boston and New England area fans come to this meetup and find out just how many fans are here from your area. Make some new friends. Carla Friendly.

Authors Are Sexy: Volume 4

Some of L.I. Who's favorite authors talk about why authors are sexy. Panelists: Sam Stone, John Peel, David J. Howe. Moderator: Robert Smith?.

Silver and Gold: Celebrating the Fifty Year Anniversary of the Cybermen

In 1966, the Cybermen made their debut in "The Tenth Planet." Fifty years later, they are still one of Doctor Who's most popular monsters. Join us as we discuss the origins behind these upgraded creatures. From their home planet of Mondas to Cybus Industries to the hierarchy of the Cybermen to the many design changes over the decades, we'll cover all creatures cyber from shades to mites. Panelists: Caitlin Walsh, Chris Kocher, Paul Pope, Anita Taboh. Moderator: LH Roberts.

Pyramids of Mars Gameshow

Remember $100,000 Pyramid? Well here is the L.I. Who version with fun prizes instead of the $100,000. Try to guess the words or phrases described by your partner as the clock ticks down. Abhay Saxena, Daniel Anderson.

Steven Taylor: The Most Human Companion

As Peter Purves makes his first L.I. Who appearance, join us for this fan panel as we go story by story through Steven's too-short tenure in the TARDIS. From exchanging razor-sharp banter with William Hartnell's Doctor to carrying one story ("The Massacre") by himself to singing lead in one of Doctor Who's most iconic musical numbers, we'll discuss all the moments that made Steven Taylor so great. Panelists: Tina Marie DeLucia, Heather McHale, Jay Witten. Moderator: Jason Miller.

Body Positivity and Cosplay

Maintaining self-confidence when society and geek culture is quick to judge on looks alone is not always easy. This panel will focus on size and race, but other forms of bodily non-conformity will also be discussed. Panelists: Deysha Paredes. Moderator: Amanda-Rae Prescott.

Junior Cosplayer Parade

Parade through the con in your best cosplay! At the end kids will get a sweet treat. They will start marching promptly at 1:10. (All Age Kids) Presented by The Suffolk County Library. Stefanie Gangone.

Andrew Beech's Who Museum

Andrew is the curator of the Doctor Who Experience and has brought some artifacts from his personal collection to be seen up close. Andrew Beech.

Peter Purves: A Blue TARDIS and Blue Peter

Peter Purves played Steven Taylor, the First Doctor's companion, but then he went onto a successful career as a host of a kids' educational show called Blue Peter. Panelists: Peter Purves. Moderator: John Peel.

Daphne Ashbrook, Yee Jee Tso, and Jeremy Radick

All three starred in the 1996 TV movie, but what else have they been up to since then? Guests: Daphne Ashbrook, Yee Jee Tso, Jeremy Radick. Moderator: Keir Hansen.

The Target Novelizations

For many fans, both American and British, the only way to experience Classic Who stories a second time was to read the book adaptation. Before the VHS and DVD releases, many fans knew the stories better in book form than in video form, and a lot of the characterizations and descriptions from these books have become iconic in and of themselves. In this panel, fans who love Doctor Who both on TV and in print will talk about how these little books influenced their fandom. Panelists: Barnaby Edwards, Alan Jope. Moderator: Jason Miller.

Prop-making Workshop

Whether is making Dalek bumps or building your own TARDIS, learn from our panelists how they recreated items seen on the show. Builders of all levels of experience are welcome to ask our panelists' advice. If you have a finished prop, our panelists would love to see your work! Panelists: Kara Sternquist, Alexa Dunetz. Moderator: LH Roberts.

Snuggly Adipose

(Craft) What is more cuddly than a sweet little adipose! Well, I guess a lot of things, but we are making one anyway. Stop by the Gallifreyan Schoolhouse to sign up. (Max 30 Children/Teen) Presented by The Suffolk County Library. Stefanie Gangone.

Assembly of The Daleks 1

Dalek builders assemble and meet the fans--but please do not "Exterminate!" Carla Friendly.

Bringing Ole Sixy Back: Colin Baker IS the Sixth Doctor

The Sixth Doctor talks about everything Sixy including his current work for the Big Finish Audio dramas. Guest: Colin Baker. Moderator: Chas Martin.

Nick Briggs Man of 1000 Voices

Nick Briggs, known as the voice of the Daleks in the new series of Doctor Who, also talks about the many other monster voices he has done for the series. Interviewed by Warrren Frey of Radio Free Skaro. Guest: Nick Briggs. Moderator: Warren Frey.

Gallifrey Multiplex: Doctor Who Fan Films Volume 4

Discover the 88-year history of fan films, and see some of the best Doctor Who fan cinema out there. Presented by Clive Young, author of Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind the Camera. Clive Young.

Creative Writing with Sam Stone

This is a workshop focusing on descriptive writing. Please bring a pen and pad of paper as you will be asked to create something during the session. Sam Stone.

Worbla Workshop

Worbla is a type of heated plastic used to make many different types of cosplay props. Learn how to work with Worbla, its best uses, and walk out with your own unique piece of sculpted Worbla! After the demonstration, you can try out working with Worbla! This panel is limited to 10 participants. You must sign up using this Google Doc ahead of time. Alexa Dunetz.

The Whovians Amino Meetup

Fans and users of the Whovians Amino social networking app gather. Carla Friendly.

The Moment Has Been Prepared for: The Fifth Doctor

The Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, talks about his time on the show in the 1980s and his recent work for Big Finish. Guest: Peter Davison. Moderator: David Bickerstaff.

The Second Doctor Panel

Anneke Wills and Frazer Hines talk about their work with the Second Doctor Patrick Troughton. We will also screen a rare fifteen-minute interview video of Patrick from 1985 that has never been screened anywhere before. (Video courtesy of Andrew Beech) Panelists: Anneke Wills, Frazer Hines, Andrew Beech. Moderator: Chas Martin.

A US-style "Writers Room" for Doctor Who: Yeah! or Not So Much

In a Radio Times exclusive, it was announced that Chris Chibnall is considering utilizing an American-style "writers room" when he takes over the position of showrunner from Steven Moffat in 2018. Up until now, New Who has been guided--some fans would say ruled--by the single authorial vision of its showrunner, first Russell T. Davies and then Steven Moffat. Warren Frey of Radio Free Skaro and longtime Who fan Irene Richard argue the merits and pitfalls of the British vs. American approach. The floor will be opened for attendees to participate in the debate. Panelists: Irene Richard, Edie Nugent, David Marshall. Moderator: Warren Frey.

Kids Tech Camp

Come learn a bit of coding that will even impress the Sixth Doctor! Maybe by the end you will be able to complete fixing the TARDIS's Chameleon Circuit. We will have hands-on coding demos, a 3D printer, and more. Stop by the Gallifreyan Schoolhouse to sign up. (20 Child Max) Presented by The Suffolk County Library. Stefanie Gangone.

I-CON 32 Meetup

Meet the organizers of the Long Island Sci-Fi convention I-CON. Carla Friendly.

Cosmic Costume Cavalcade Check in

Check in for pre-judging of costumes and preparation for the big 6 pm show. Jan Fennick.

Sophie Aldred Is an Ace

Sophie Aldred talks about her character Ace who was a companion to the Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy. Guest: Sophie Aldred. Moderator: Joshua Lou Friedman.

"Is It Meglos?" Gameshow

David J. Howe hosts an all new trivia game in which a panel of Doctor Who fans are read bits of dialogue from Who episodes. The panelists have to guess which stories they're from. Who will reign as the king of Whoknowledge? Panelists: James Robinson, Chris Hankenson, Gary Klebert, Drew Walko, John O'Connor. Moderator: David J. Howe.

Scribing Who

Paul Salmoff interviews two men who have written for the series. Matthew Jacobs was a screenwriter for the 1996 TV Movie, and Andrew was a script editor for the Seventh Doctor era. Panelists: Matthew Jacobs, Andrew Cartmel. Moderator: Paul Salamoff.

In Defense Of

What do you get when you combine a diabolical version of "Just a Minute" with passionate fan opinion? In Defense Of! In this live-version of a favorite Verity! Podcast segment, panelists will have 90 seconds to defend a topic, position or character with the up most positivity. Sound easy? You try talking 90 seconds on the brilliance of "Curse of the Black Spot"! (Participants will be chosen at the panel.) Deb Stanish.

DWNY Meetup

That's Doctor Who New York, the fan club from New York City. Drop by the meetup and become a member. Carla Friendly.

Cosmic Costume Cavalcade

A Doctor Who costume contest and skits. Check in at the Cosplay room at 4:30 pm to participate. Host: Yee Jee Tso. Judges: Andrew Beech, Cat Smith, Kerry Timony, Lorraine Ruth Rosenberg. Directed by: Jan Fennick.

Does Having a Break Help or Hurt Doctor Who?

We explore whether having a gap year, such as in 2016, makes the show stronger or weaker. Panelists: Jason Miller. Moderator: Robert Smith?.

The Doctor Who Comics Panel

Everything goes in this panel concerning comics, especially Doctor Who comics. Panelists: Robert Hack, Matthew Dow Smith. Moderators: Warren Frey, Edie Nugent.

The Three Doctors Autograph Session

Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and Paul McGann all in one place signing autographs. Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Paul McGann.

5 = 1: A Fan's Appreciation of the Fifth Doctor Meetup

Meet other fans who call the Fifth Doctor their favorite. Carla Friendly.

The Missing Episodes Panel

A discussion of the 97 missing episodes from the black and white era of Doctor Who. Panelists: Frazer Hines, Anneke Wills, Peter Purves, John Peel. Moderator: David J. Howe.

Doctor Who Am I?: A Film by Matthew Jacobs

Filmmaker Matthew Jacobs updates us on the highly anticipated documentary. Doctor Who Am I? is a documentary film portrait of the American fan from the point of view of filmmaker Matthew Jacobs as he is invited to his first fan convention in 2015 in Los Angeles. Matthew Jacobs.

Self-Publishing Meetup

Have you written a novel? Want to publish, but you're not sure how? Join us for a group discussion on the self-publishing process where we will answer all of your questions. Learn the dos and don'ts from an experienced indie author and editor. If you've already self-published a book, please feel free to stop by and share your experiences. Pam Elise Harris.

The Power of the Spoken Word

A panel analysis of some of the most emotionally impactful written moments in televised Doctor Who along with discussion over the balance between dialogue and delivery. Do the quotes that sit heaviest on our hearts have the same impact once separated from the actor who spoke them? Panelists: Adriene Wise, Jay Witten. Moderator: Keir Hansen.

Fan Video Happy Hour

YouTube has an endless array of fan-made music videos for every ship and character in the Doctor Who universe. Join us for a showcase of the best Doctor Who fan videos on the Internet. Bring your evening cocktails and come feel all the feels. You'll never listen to "A Whole New World" the same way again. Hosted by Kim Rogers and Sage Young, Co-Editors and Creators of headoverfeels.com. Kim Rogers, Sage Young.

Pandorica Restaurant Meetup

Meet the people behind the Hudson Valley's Doctor Who themed restaurant. Carla Friendly.

Mystery Screenings

L.I. Who will dig up some very cool videos to show. Steven Davis.

L.I. Who-Oke: Acting with the Doctor / Companion Competition

This is a fun contest for fans to act out a part or speech as the Doctor or companion while looking at the original scene. We'll provide text for you to follow. Your mission is to act over the top, use body gestures, or just make it as goofy as you can. The audience will cheer for the winner. SIGN UP EARLY FOR THIS ONE at Infodesk or show up at the competition and we'll try to squeeze you in. You can request a preferred scene (2 - 5 minutes) or we'll choose a scene for you. Hosted by Andy Hicks. Andy Hicks.

Cooking as an Expression of Fandom: Dessert Time

People bake and cook Dalek cookies and cupcakes and so many other goodies. Drop by and discuss your creations, share ideas, and pick up tips for your next eatable project. Panelists: Susan Talbutt, Shirley Hot. Moderator: Gina Snape.

Dance Party of Rassilon with DJ Gallifrey

Dancing all night with DJ Gallifrey in program D. John Horne.

Air Guitar Contest: The Big Encore--Hosted by The Happiness Patrol

Are you ready for the encore of the "100% Rebel Time Lord Air Guitar Contest"? It was a big hit last year. Can you be as cool as the Twelfth Doctor on guitar? You will be judged on individual performance, stage presence (Can you win over the crowd?), flair and originality (customize your costume or visual presentation), and overall enthusiasm. There will be a round where you will air guitar to the Doctor Who Theme with your fellow air guitar combatants. L.I. Who will provide blow-up air guitars and sonic sunglasses (you can keep the sunglasses if you compete). SIGN UP EARLY FOR THIS ONE. at Infodesk or show up at the competition and we'll try to squeeze you in. You can bring a song on a CD or a flash drive or select a song readily available on YouTube, or we will choose a song for you. Good luck and rock on! Lewis Bailey, Chas Martin, Nancy Alegria.

Gallifrey Public Radio: Broadcasting Live

Recording their podcast live with audience participation, the GPR staff will discuss "classic" elements of Doctor Who that could see a notable success if returned to the "modern" series. From characters to locations to technology, crew and audience will consider what could be brought into the current program with varying degrees of update or rejuvenation. Panelists: Jay Witten, Haley Malle. Moderator: Keir Hansen.

William Hartnell F**K Yeah!!

The First Doctor is enthusiastically praised with very colorful language by a few panelists you might know. Panelists: Barnaby Edwards, Chas Martin, Tristan Currie. Moderator: Ken Deep.

Sunday November 13, 2016

Brunch of Rassilon

Our Sunday morning brunch for Master Plan and Valeyard Package pass holders is a chance to relax and dine with our celebrity guests. There's food and some light entertainment, but please be aware that the guests will not be signing autographs or taking pictures. Ken Deep.


The cliffhanger moment has long been one of Doctor Who's defining traits in both the Classic and New Series. In the return of a popular fan panel from LI Who 3, join us as we play several cliffhanger clips from the past 53 years' worth of televised Who. We will discuss what worked and what didn't work, which moments stayed with you, and which moments you'd rather forget. Panelist: Robert Smith?. Moderator: Jason Miller.

So You Can Draw a Dalek, Now What? From Fan Art to Business

How to make it as a Doctor Who artist. A panel of working artists talk about their experience turning their passion into a career. Everything from selling your work online to working the convention circuit. Come learn how others have done it. Panelists: Ly Cao, Matthew Dow Smith, Robert Hack. Moderator: Nathan Skreslet.

Doctor Who and Science

Call it science fiction or science fantasy, but within Doctor Who science abounds! Our panelists look at how science is used well, not so well, or just completely ignored. Panelists: Jason Silverberg, Barry Negrin. Moderator: Drew Meyer.

Yoga Workshop with Cat Smith

Cat will be teaching a 60-minute class in restorative yoga. A weekend at a con is awesome, but let's face it, it can also be stressful and exhausting. In this class, we will be attempting to reconnect with our chill and relieve some of that con pressure. You will let Cat know what hurts, and, through stretching, breathing, and bearing in mind that Cat is not a chiropractor, she will help you try to soothe yourself. It will be a general level class. All abilities welcome. Please wear something comfortable that you can move in. If you have a yoga mat, great, but if you don't, that's okay, too. (Bring a large towel or just be prepared to sit on the floor). Cat Smith.

Doctor Bingo!

Come play Bingo for fantastic Doctor Who temporary tattoos! (All Age Kids) Stefanie Gangone.

Second Doctor Meetup

Come by and meet the growing fan base for the Second Doctor. It is a big one isn't it! Carla Friendly.

Outside In Boldly Goes

It's the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, Doctor Who's transatlantic sibling. To celebrate, the Outside In series (ATB Publishing) has crossed the Atlantic and has assembled 117 writers to discuss 117 Classic Trek stories. Join many of them in this panel that celebrates the similarities, the differences, and the sheer wonderfulness that is Star Trek. Panelists: Warren Frey, Jan Fennick, Nathan Skreslet, Chris Kocher, Jason Miller, Leslie Hartman, Hannah Rothman, Bill Evenson, Dave Barsky, Drew Meyer, Faith L. Justice, Kathryn Sullivan. Moderator: Robert Smith?.

The Doctor and Star Trek's Captain James T. Kirk

The Doctor and Captain are two larger-than-life icons of television. Both are men you want around you during an alien invasion, but would they get along if they actually met? This panel will discuss that and other burning questions you didn't know you had. Questions like who would win in a fight, The Doctor or Kirk; which incarnation of The Doctor would get on Kirk's nerves; and who is the galaxy's greatest ladies' man? So join us to see what happens when two of sci-fi's greatest egos clash. Edwin Thrower, Lanaia Dubose.

Cosplay Sewing Circle

Geek out about your favorite patterns and techniques with fellow intermediate and advanced sewers! Bring your sewing questions and tips to share as well! Stephanie Ridley Strauss.

Whovian Hula Hoop Show and a Craft!

Angela the Hoopgineer will be performing a fun and interactive Hula Hoop Show! One, Two, Three TEN!! After the show you make your own Whovian mini bag with Tic Tac WHO game! (All age kids) Presented by the Suffolk County Library. Angela Horstman.

First Doctor Meetup

First Doctor William Hartnell era cosplay meetup. Carla Friendly.

Writing for Stage and Screen

A discussion by writers about the craft of writing. Matthew Jacobs, Richard Franklin, Andrew Cartmel, Paul Salamoff.

Dalek Protection Plan: How You and Your Family Can Stay Safe from Daleks

If Earth was infested with Daleks, what would you do?! We brought in Nicholas Briggs, the voice of the Daleks, and our very own InfoDaleks to teach you Dalek repellent techniques! Daleks hiding in your closet, on social media, or even posing as your teacher. We will help you be protected! (Family) Panelists: Nick Briggs, Stefanie Gangone, Colleen Skadl. Moderator: Kerry Skadl.

Oh Missy, You're So Fine

Talk about the history of the Master, the change of gender for the character, how it affects the storylines, how people feel about the gender change of the Master, and how Michelle Gomez brings the Master to life. Panelists: Jeff Jones, Anita Taboh, Chris Kocher, Anthony Medeiros. Moderator: Suzanne Jones.

The World of Poldark

If you're tired of hearing people talk about the scything scene, this is the panel for you! This discussion of the UK and US airings of Poldark Series 2 will incorporate the books and the 1970s series for insights into the characters we love (or love to hate in the case of George Warleggan)! Panelist: Edwin Thrower. Moderator: Amanda-Rae Prescott.

Andrew Beech's Who Museum

Andrew is the Curator of the Doctor Who Experience and has brought some artifacts from his personal collection to be seen up close. Andrew Beech.

1996 Movie Panel

It's the 20th Anniversary. Let's celebrate with the main cast: Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor, his companion Doctor Grace Holloway played by Daphne Ashbrook, and Yee Jee Tso who played Chang Lee. Matthew Jacobs who wrote the script joins us as well as Jeremy Radick who played Gareth. Panelists: Paul McGann, Daphne Ashbrook, Yee Jee Tso, Jeremy Radick, Matthew Jacobs. Moderator: Joshua Lou Friedman.

Stage and Screen with Clare Higgins

DWNY's Barnaby Edwards discusses Clare's Doctor Who appearances as well as her successful stage career. Guest: Clare Higgins. Moderator: Barnaby Edwards.

Ask David J. Howe

David will answer audience questions about Doctor Who either truthfully or with lies. Can you guess if you're getting the inside scoop or just confused even more? David J. Howe.

Autographs - Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Nick Briggs

Here are two Doctors and the voice of the Daleks signing Autographs. Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Nick Briggs.

The Art of Period Costuming

Whether it's Tegan's Black Orchid costume, a Renaissance Faire outfit, or barmaid Clara, constructing a period cosplay requires a different set of skills. We will help you balance the differences between cosplay and historical costuming. Examples from Doctor Who, period dramas, and historical costuming projects will be used to show various period styles and techniques. Panelists: Lorraine Ruth Rosenberg, Stephanie Ridley Strauss. Moderator: Amanda-Rae Prescott.

Workshop: Art Portfolio Review

Are you an aspiring artist trying to attract new clients or land your dream job? Get a personal portfolio critique from a professional artist to help you on your path. Nathan Skreslet.

When Guest Stars Steal the Show

Guest stars of the new series are interviewed by Deb Stanish of the Verity Podcast. Jemma Redgrave played Kate Lethbridge Stewart, Clare was one of the Sisters of Karn, Sarah played a Weeping Angel, and Ross played The Silence. Panelists: Jemma Redgrave, Clare Higgins, Sarah Louise Madison, Ross Mullan. Moderator: Deb Stanish.

The Great Curator!

A few big-time Doctor Who collectors discuss collecting artifacts from the show's history. Panelists: Andrew Beech, Paul Salamoff. Moderator: David J. Howe.

Wheel in Space Gameshow

Based on Wheel of Fortune. You've seen it on TV. You know how it works. You just can't wait to spin that wheel, guess the puzzle, and win prizes. Abhay Saxena, Daniel Anderson.

Sherlock in Doctor Who

Join Don Everett Smith, Jr., the host of "The Sherlock Conversations," Drew Meyer children's librarian Drew Meyer, and Jason Miller, attorney and genre fan as they discuss when the worlds of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who collided in a variety of ways. Is there a connection between the last Time Lord of Gallifrey and the world's first consulting detective? They believe there is. Find out! Panelists: Drew Meyer, Jason Miller. Moderator: Don E. Smith, Jr..

The Song Remains the Same

River's back! Between the Christmas special and Big Finish, it seems like the Doctor's wife is still around and not going anywhere. Let's discuss, sweeties! Panelists: Kerry Timony, Joanna Meinhold, Andy Hicks. Moderator: Cat Smith.

Twist a Story--Doctor Who Edition (Show)

Twist a Story--Doctor Who Edition (Show) Travel space and time with Mr. PoppinTwist on a fully interactive, improvisational storytelling adventure...with balloons. There's no telling where or with "Who" the story can go! (All Age Kids) (Mr. PoppinTwist) Presented by the Suffolk County Library. Stefanie Gangone.

Big Finish Fan Meetup

Big Finish's popularity is growing amongst fans and this meetup was our most requested. So come share some fun conversation with other fans who listen to Doctor Who audio plays. Kim Gordon.

Big Finish with the Three Doctors

Nick Briggs hosts and records the Big Finish Podcast with Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Paul McGann. Guests: Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Paul McGann. Moderator: Nick Briggs.

A Celebration of David Whitaker

"The Power of the Daleks" is back in animated form, but that's only one of David Whitaker's contributions to Doctor Who. The show's very first script editor, Whitaker filled that role from "Unearthly Child" through "The Dalek Invasion of Earth." He wrote a number of stories for Doctor Who, including the game-changer "Edge of Destruction," the brilliant "The Crusade," Patrick Troughton's first story, "The Power of the Daleks," and the lovely, recently rediscovered "Enemy of the World." Without David Whitaker, the TARDIS would not be the TARDIS as we know her! Join us to talk about his influence and legacy on the show. Panelists: Joy Piedmont, David Marshall, Jason Miller. Moderator: Heather McHale.

Charity Auction Benefiting the Little Flower Educational Foundation

Attend this charity auction, bid on an item benefiting a good cause, and you will leave happy. Auction items include action figures, shirts, art, and various collectibles. Panelists: Daniel Anderson. Moderator: Laura Vogt.

Fan Entitlement vs. Fannish Engagement: Is there a line?

This summer's fan entitlement controversy is discussed. Let's explore the core difference between the notion of "entitlement" and the idea that societal changes have an impact and duty to the things we love. Panelists: Caitlin Walsh, April McCarty Caggiano, Keir Hansen, Andy Hicks. Moderator: Deb Stanish.

Geek Chic: Wearing Your Fandom IRL

Are you always sad that it's not socially acceptable to wear your cosplay to work? Want to incorporate your fave fandoms into your wardrobe but not sure how? Join us for a discussion of the many ways to overtly or covertly add a touch of your favorite nerdy things in everyday life. Panelists: Amanda-Rae Prescott. Moderator: Jordan Dene Ellis.

Dalek Shooter (Craft)

Stop by the Gallifreyan Schoolhouse to sign up! (30 Child Max) Exterminaaate! The Daleks are here to exterminate the con and you are going to help this time! Come make a Dalek style shooter with the Suffolk County Librarians. Presented by the Suffolk County Library. Stefanie Gangone.

Assembly of The Daleks 2

Dalek builders assemble and meet the fans, but please do not "Exterminate!" Carla Friendly.

The Black and White Era

Peter Purves, Frazer Hines, and Anneke Wills were companions to the First and Second Doctors in the 1960s. Author John Peel takes L.I. Who into the black and white era through an in-depth interview. Panelists: Peter Purves, Frazer Hines, Anneke Wills. Moderator: John Peel.

Cat Smith Performs

L.I. Who's own one-woman house band, Cat Smith performs her funny and entertaining repertoire of songs self-accompanied on ukulele. Cat Smith.

Disabilities in Doctor Who

A discussion of different characters who have had disabilities and how they were handled. Cass is one in the recent series. Panelists: Paul Pope. Moderator: Heather McHale.

Religion in Doctor Who

Exploration in the demonstration of religion(s) or lack thereof throughout the show's history. Panelists: Tom Dickinson, Jason Silverberg, Jay Witten. Moderator: Drew Meyer.

LEGOs and Coloring Pages

Come spend time building whatever crazy thing your mind comes up with. LEGOs and coloring pages will be available for kids to enjoy. Presented by the Suffolk County Library (All Age Kids). Stefanie Gangone.

Sophie Aldred Is Still an Ace

Sophie Aldred talks about her time on Doctor Who with the Seventh Doctor. Guest: Sophie Aldred. Moderator: Edwin Thrower.

What's the Point of a Spinoff?

With Class just having begun, we explore why you'd want to do a spinoff at all. What does it add? What does it take away? Panelists: Dave Barsky, Drew Meyer, Robert Smith?. Moderator: Jason Miller.

The Time Scoop

Three panelists compete in a fantasy draft to assemble the "perfect" Who story by selecting a Doctor, a companion, a villain/monster, a writer, and two wildcard choices without being bound by continuity or such. Once something is chosen another player can't choose it. The audience selects a winner via applause. Friendly competitive banter among panelists is highly encouraged. Panelists: Tom Dickinson, Heather McHale. Moderator: M.A. Solko.

The Doctor/Companion Symbiosis

An analysis of the mutually beneficial relationship between a Time Lord and their traveling associate(s) from both classic and modern eras, as well as some hypothesis on the upcoming new companion for Series 10. Panelists: Deij Johnson, Jody Harkavy, Jay Witten. Moderator: Keir Hansen.

The Time Traveling Scot

Frazer Hines performs his one man show in which he shows clips of every Doctor Who story that his character Jamie McCrimmon appeared in. Frazer Hines.

L.I. Who Finale

Join show runner Ken Deep for an exclusive scoop on L.I. Who 5 guests. He'll be joined by all the guests for a final good-bye and a video salute to the guests of L.I. Who 4. Panelists: Paul McGann, Sophie Aldred, Nick Briggs, Richard Franklin, Jemma Redgrave, Clare Higgins, Peter Purves, Anneke Wills, Frazer Hines, Daphne Ashbrook, Yee Jee Tso, Jeremy Radick, Sarah Louise Madison, Ross Mullan, Matthew Jacobs, Andrew Cartmel, John Peel, David J. Howe, Sam Stone, Paul Salamoff, Joshua Lou Friedman. Moderator: Ken Deep.