Long Island's Doctor Who Convention
November 10-12, 2017
Hyatt Regency Long Island

Cosmic Costume Cavalcade

| L.I. Who 4

It's nearly time for L.I. Who 4, and that means it's time for this year's Cosmic Costume Cavalcade Extravaganza! Costumers will get to strut their stuff on the cat "nurse nun" walk and show off their past, present, and future fashions. So join us on Saturday, November 12 to see some of the finest Doctor Who (and related) costumes in the universe, hosted by Yee Jee Tso, and judged by some of the finest Doctor Who Cosplayers out there! There will be prizes as well as awards, so bring your best!

All participants must attend the Saturday afternoon "Costume Cavalcade Pre-Meeting" in the Cosplay room (official time will be posted in the schedule), and must turn in their paperwork and audio by the end of the meeting. Rules and registration forms are available here on the website, at the L.I. Who Info Desk during the convention, and from Director of Costumed Events, Jan Fennick.

If you have any questions, please send them to liwhocostumeball@gmail.com

Costume Cavalcade Participation Forms (PDF)

Note: Please fill out all forms.

Registration Rules

  • Every entrant must be a registered attendee of L.I. Who. For the hand constructed category, if the maker and presenter of the costume are different people, then both must be attending members in order to qualify for competition.
  • You (or a representative of your group) must attend the Pre-Cavalcade Meeting on Saturday afternoon. Failure to attend the meeting (without making previous arrangements with the Director of Costumed Events) will result in your entry being taken out of the event. More information on this important meeting can be found later in these rules.
  • Entrants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the entry form.
  • All Entrants must be 13 years of age or older. There will be a junior costuming event on Sunday for those 12 and under.
  • The number of Costume Cavalcade entry slots will be limited. Once the number of entries reach 30, the Director of Costumed Events reserves the right to cut off registration for the event. This limitation exists because of the amount of time allocated the Costume Cavalcade. The actual cut-off will be determined on-site the Saturday of the convention, and will be based on number of entries, number of people in each entry, and the time of day the 30th entry is submitted.

Costume Rules

  • Costumes may either be hand constructed or purchased. Please indicate on the sign-up for which category your costume falls under. The definition of hand constructed is constructed by yourself (or a registered L.I. Who attendee that you've agreed to model for). We allow purchased shoes, wigs, shirts, and accessories as long as the purchased items comprise less than 50% of the total costume. The definition of purchased is just that - more than 50% of the total costume was bought by you from a thrift (or other type of) store, eBay, Abbyshot, etc. or paid a person or company (like Magnoli Clothiers, for example) to custom craft a costume for you. Even if it was then altered to fit yourself (or your model) unless the alteration significantly changes the original garment structure, it will be considered purchased. It will be the Director's decision in that case which category your costume falls into.
  • You may appear on stage once, in one costume for competition purposes. You may appear on stage a second time, in a different costume, as a "prop" in another entrant's presentation/skit. If you will be serving as a prop as well as entering the competition, you must notify the Director in advance to avoid disqualification.
  • This is a family show. Please keep your costuming to a PG-13 rating.
  • Please do not wear your Cavalcade costume in the convention space prior to Saturday evening. Although you will not be disqualified if you wear your costume around in the convention, you will certainly ruin the surprise for the convention attendees, as well as the judges.
  • If you have large props, or a costume that limits your mobility, please bring your own assistants to help you/it/them on and off the stage. We will have a limited number of Cavalcade ninjas available and cannot guarantee they will be available to assist. Please let us know at the Pre-Cavalcade Meeting what your requirements might be.
  • Costumes that have been entered for competition in previous years at L.I. Who are not eligible for competition again, unless there have been major changes in construction to it. Brand new versions of the same costume may be allowed only with dispensation of the Director.

Presentation Rules

  • Presentations have strict time limits. Solo entrants are limited to one minute. Two to six entrants (in one group) are limited to two minutes maximum. A group of seven or more may have a bit of additional time providing they clear it with the Director of Costumed Events no later than the Pre-Cavalcade Meeting. Any entry going beyond the stated time limit will be cut-off, and disqualified.
  • You may incorporate other people as props in your presentation. You are limited to a total of 4 living props in addition to the people entering the competition in your presentation. In addition, these props cannot be a prop in more than one presentation.
  • No materials or effects that will leave a mess on stage or in the green room, or that may ruin another entrant's costume, are allowed.
  • No live animals on stage, unless it's a service animal.
  • No pyrotechnics or any other open flames are allowed.
  • Weapons must be peace-bonded when not on stage. If you plan on wielding your weapon as part of your presentation, you must advise the Director of Costumed Events of what exactly you plan on doing on stage at the Pre-Cavalcade Meeting. Failure to do so can result in disqualification. Safety first!
  • There will be NO live microphones on the stage. All sound/music/dialogue must be pre-recorded and brought by the entrants to the pre-Cavalcade meeting.
  • Music/soundtracks must be burned on to a CD-ROM. No other media, including thumb/flash drives or commercial CDs, will be allowed as we don't want to be responsible for losing your possessions. Also, bring 2 copies of the disc, just in case one gets lost, broken or will not play. Take the time to edit your presentation exactly how you want it.
  • Label the disk with your real name, your entry name and a contact phone number (preferably a mobile number). Specify if you want it returned to you after the Cavalcade, otherwise we will recycle it.
  • You may turn in your music/soundtrack/dialogue before the Pre-Cavalcade Meeting or at the meeting itself. No music/soundtracks/dialogue will be accepted after the Meeting. No exceptions.
  • If you don't have your own soundtrack, you will walk across the stage in silence. The Cavalcade Staff does not have the time to hunt down music for you.
  • Due to the limitations of the room, we will not be able to special lighting needs beyond "lights up" and "lights down."
  • The MC can read out a short piece of commentary/description before and/or during your number, if you wish. There is a section for your script on the MC form. Please print legibly, or type up something ahead of time to attach to the MC form.
  • In the Cosplay Room, the MC will check in and meet with all entrants to confirm how to pronounce your name, how you want to be introduced, etc.
  • If you requested Workmanship judging or have a recreation costume (i.e. a costume that's a recreation of a costume from any source, including Doctor Who or related shows), you should bring along some form of documentation for the judges whether photos, patterns, fabric swatches, or source books. You may turn your documentation in with your entry forms and your music/soundtrack at the Pre-Masquerade Meeting. If at all possible, please bring copies rather than originals as we don't want anything valuable or irreplaceable lost, stolen or damaged. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will recycle all documentation after the Masquerade.

Skills Divisions and Judging

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the judging process. The Cosmic Costume Cavalcade offers two types of judging: workmanship and presentation.

Workmanship Judging

Our workmanship judge will get up close and personal with your costume and props in the Cosplay Room prior to the actual start of the Cavalcade. You will have the opportunity to show off details that you're particularly proud of. However, it is optional -- you can pass on Workmanship judging and still participate in Presentation judging. This option is open to all hand constructed costumes.

Purchased entrants are only allowed to ask for Workmanship judging if they've created a prop, accessory or other item vital to their costume completely by themselves. (E.g., sonic screwdriver, mask, helmet)

Presentation Judging

Our presentation judges will assess how you (or your model) and your costume appears on stage. Is your presentation (no matter whether it's a walk-through or a full-fledged skit) appropriate to the character and costume?

Skill Division

You will also be asked to specify which class your entry qualifies for.


You have not won a major prize in any other masquerade/costume contest. (A "major prize" is an award that doesn't involve the words "Honorable Mention.") This category is ideal for first-time entrants, and for those with limited masquerade experience. Professional costumers--those who made more than 50% of their living off of costuming in the previous year- can't enter as a Novice, even if it's a first L.I. Who Costume Cavalcade for him/her.


Anyone who has won Best in Class in presentation or workmanship at any regional SF costume contest, previous L.I. Who, Chicago TARDIS conventions or Gallifrey One conventions; or anyone who has won more than four minor awards while competing as a Novice or higher at any of the afore mentioned conventions. Professional costumers desiring to compete would enter this class.


This category is for those entrants who either don't want to compete, but still want the chance to show off their costume in front of a large captive audience. There will be limited space for people in this category.

Pre-Cavalcade Meeting and Cosplay Room

The Pre-Cavalcade Meeting will take place on Saturday afternoon. Each entry must be represented, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Director of Costumed Events. At the meeting, you will turn in all three copies of your entry forms (if you haven't already), along with any music or soundtrack CDs and documentation. The Cavalcade staff will review your paperwork with you, and will inform you about Green Room times and procedures.

Why is this meeting mandatory? It benefits you to attend, because you will know where to be when for the Costume Cavalcade, and you will be assured that the Cavalcade staff understands your requirements. It also benefits the Cavalcade staff, because by meeting with you prior to the event, we will get a real sense of what you-and everyone else- will be doing. This sense will help in planning a running order and determining the final number of allowed entries.

The Cosplay Room opens approximately 120 minutes before the scheduled Cavalcade time. In there, you will have the opportunity to put on the last bits of your costume, to receive workmanship judging (should you choose to), to hear last-minute instructions, and to generally chill before the Cavalcade begins. If you requested Workmanship Judging, it will take place during this time period as well.

Because of the limited size of the room, only entrants, entrant assistants (limited to one, unless your costume requires more than one person to maneuver it), and Cavalcade staff will be allowed in the room. No photography or videography (this includes uploads to Facebook/Tumblr/Instagram/websites or Twitter), with the exception of L.I. Who authorized shoots, will be permitted before the event. There will plenty of time/space for photo/video shoots in a designated area afterwards.

We look forward to your entry in L.I. Who's fourth annual Cosmic Costume Cavalcade!