Long Island's Doctor Who Convention
November 10-12, 2017
Hyatt Regency Long Island

Fan Discussion Panels Looking for Panelists

| L.I. Who 4

Would you like to be a panelist on fan discussion panels at L.I. Who 4? If you've already purchased a pass to L.I. Who 4, you may apply by sending your requests to davistb@aol.com. All emails must be in by this Sunday, October 9th.

List the panels you'd like to sit in on, your name and email, what city you live in, what days you are attending the convention, and if you have any special passes to L.I. Who (Master Plan or Valeyard). List any qualifications as a panelist (even if it's just because you're a big fan). If you applied last year, then we have your qualifications already on file.

Not all of these panels will make it into the schedule; only the most popular of these panels will make the cut. All applicants will be notified if chosen or not.

The Convention Hours are Friday noon to midnight+, Saturday 10 AM to midnight+, and Sunday 10 AM to 7 PM. Be aware that L.I. Who programming starts early and runs very late. Good luck!

Panel Programs

Cooking as an Expression of Fandom

People bake and cook Dalek cookies and cupcakes and so many other goodies. Drop by and discuss your creations, share ideas, and pick up tips for your next eatable project.

Oh No Who Didn't!

MST3K meets Black Twitter for this screening of "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS." Help our panelists with sarcastic commentary.

Fan Entitlement vs. Fannish Engagement: Is there a line?

This summer's fan entitlement controversy is discussed. Let's explore the core difference between the notion of "entitlement" and the idea that societal changes have an impact and duty to the things we love.

Oh Missy, You're So Fine

Talk about the history of the Master, the change of gender for the character and how it affects the storylines, how people feel about the gender change of the Master, and how Michelle Gomez brings the Master to life.

The Time Scoop

Three panelists compete in a fantasy draft to assemble the "perfect" Who story by selecting a Doctor, a companion, a villain/monster, a writer, and two wildcard choices without being bound by continuity or such. Once something is chosen another player can't choose it. The audience selects a winner via applause. Friendly competitive banter among panelists is highly encouraged.

Characters Behind the Doctor

A panel discussing the background characters who show up in Doctor Who stories and how they impact the Doctor and the companions. Beyond villains and recurring characters are interesting characters like Adelaide Brooke, Amelia Rumford, and Jago and Litefoot.

The Doctor/Companion Symbiosis

An analysis of the mutually beneficial relationship between a Time Lord and their traveling associate(s) from both classic and modern eras, as well as some hypothesis on the upcoming new companion for Series 10.

Doctor, What-Were-You-Thinking?

Would absolute showrunner power really corrupt absolutely? A panel and audience participatory experimentation with our beloved cast of DW characters, including alternate casting, archetype reversal, character alignment changes, and some fun projections of the impact such changes would have on our favorite stories.

The Power of the Spoken Word

A panel analysis of some of the most emotionally impactful written moments in televised DW, along with discussion over the balance between dialogue and delivery. Do the quotes that sit heaviest on our hearts have the same impact, once separated from the actor who spoke them?

Taking Our Kids to the Doctor

Younger and younger viewers are expressing interest in seeing and learning more about Doctor Who, much to our Whovian parents' pride and enthusiasm. But where are the safe entry points into the series, based on each child's age and temperament, when it comes to potentially complex or at times scary science fiction? Using personal anecdotes and audience input, the panel devises possible "primer sets" for children to begin their Doctor Who viewing experience safely and enjoyably.

Where Big Finish Wins Biggest

A panel of audio play aficionados discusses their selections from the vast array of produced Big Finish productions in the Doctor Who main range and supporting series with specific emphasis on those stories, characters, or arcs that could be incorporated into the televised series with tremendous success.

Classic Renovations

With the successful reintroduction of villains like the Ice Warriors and Great Intelligence, as well as conventions like the TARDIS Telepathic Interface and HADS, which other aspects of "classic" Doctor Who could see a successful return to the "modern" series? From characters to locations to technology, the panel discusses what could be brought into the current program with varying degrees of update or rejuvenation.

Silver and Gold: Celebrating the Fifty Year Anniversary of the Cybermen

In 1966, the Cybermen made their debut in "The Tenth Planet." Fifty years later, they are still one of Doctor Who's most popular monsters. Join us as we discuss the origins behind these upgraded creatures. From their home planet of Mondas to Cybus Industries to the hierarchy of the Cybermen to the many design changes over the decades, we'll cover all creatures cyber from shades to mites.

Could Gene Wilder Have Been the First American Doctor?

With the deeply sad passing of Gene Wilder, could there be a panel about an American Doctor? It's probably safe to say if the US wanted to make their own Doctor Who, Wilder would've been our Tom Baker; he had enough practice with Willy Wonka!

How-to Guide to the Missing Episodes

Experts discuss the best way to experience the missing episodes (reconstructions, animation, narrated soundtracks, or novelizations).

A Celebration of David Whitaker

"The Power of the Daleks" is back in animated form, but that's only one of David Whitaker's contributions to Doctor Who. The show's very first script editor, Whitaker filled that role from "Unearthly Child" through "The Dalek Invasion of Earth." He wrote a number of stories for Doctor Who, including the game-changer "Edge of Destruction," the brilliant "The Crusade," Patrick Troughton's first story, "The Power of the Daleks," and the lovely, recently rediscovered "Enemy of the World." Without David Whitaker, the TARDIS would not be the TARDIS as we know her! Join us to talk about his influence and legacy on the show.

Robots in Doctor Who: Friend or Foe?

While the series spends a lot of time on the hybrids between living creature and machine, such as Daleks and Cybermen, there are also plenty of straight-up robots in Doctor Who, from the First Doctor's tenure to the Twelfth's. How does the series balance the possibly destructive power of the robot with its promise of progress?

"This is no joyride, you know." Steven Taylor in the TARDIS

Steven is among the early companions whose tenure on Doctor Who is partly lost. But despite that, he's a remarkable companion. The first companion to travel alone with the Doctor for an entire story, and a long-standing TARDIS traveler with ten stories (of which more than half are at least partly lost), Steven offers substantial character development of the kind that viewers of the new series have come to expect. What's his legacy on Doctor Who?

Working-Class Who

Most iterations of the Doctor have been clearly upper-class, but the series has drawn in characters from different walks of life since near the beginning. How does Doctor Who discuss social class? What does the Doctor say about social class? And what does the series itself have to say? Talk about companions and characters from shop girl Rose Tyler to Cambridge scholar Liz Shaw, and tell us what you think about the show's representation of British class.

"Class" is Now in Session

"Class" is Patrick Ness's Doctor spinoff and has only been out for a few weeks, but our panel has quite a few things to say about what they've seen so far.

Religion in Doctor Who (Sunday)

Exploration in the demonstration of religion(s) or lack thereof throughout the show's history.

Doctor Who and Self-Publishing

Our panel consists of writers who have published Doctor Who related works outside of BBC Books. They'll discuss their projects, the process of publishing, and what they're working on next.

How to Introduce Your Parents to Doctor Who

We've gathered young Doctor Who fans to discuss how Doctor Who came into their lives and how they convinced their parents to join in on the fun.

How to Introduce Your Kids to Doctor Who

So, you're a Doctor Who fan AND a parent--the panel looks at how best to introduce kids to our favorite show and shares some of their experiences doing just that.

Why Do We Make So MANY Lists?

Whether it's ranking episodes, villains, companions, or Doctors--for whatever reason, Who fans like their lists. This panel looks at why that is and talks about some lists of their own.

Intro to Big Finish

With over two hundred individual stories from Classic and now New Who Doctors, getting into Big Finish might seem a bit daunting. This panel offers their recommendations on where to begin in the wonderful world of Big Finish.

Doctor Who Rituals

Whether its classic episodes we've seen a dozen times or watching new episodes as they air, Who fans have some interesting rituals they take part in when they watch their favorite show.

Yet Another Doctor Who Podcasting Panel

Do you like Doctor Who? Do you like podcasts? We've assembled a panel from a multitude of Doctor Who podcasts to tell you all about their experiences. They'll answer questions about the process of podcasting as well as why there seem to be so many to choose from.

What Doctor Who Fandom needs is...

Doctor Who is over fifty years old, and its fandom is just as long-lived. From conventions to message boards to podcasts, a lot has changed in how we celebrate our fandom, how we see ourselves, and how me make ourselves heard as a community. So what's next? What do we need?

Doctor Who Legacy

The popular free-to-play game is about to celebrate its third anniversary and our panelists will give you hints on how to make the most of your game time--and they may have a special code or two to give out to attendees.

Doctor Who and Science (Sunday morning)

Call it science fiction or science fantasy, but within Doctor Who, science abounds! Our panelists look at how science is used well, not so well, or just completely ignored.

Doctor Who in Comics

Titan Comics has released a steady stream of Doctor Who comics since they received the licensing in 2014. Our panel of comic fans discuss both the ongoing series as well as the numerous limited series, as well as what's to come in 2017.

How We Spent This Gap Year

Is it time for Doctor Who yet? With twelve months without their favorite show, learn how our panelists got their Doctor Who fix.

Other Works from Doctor Who Alums

Paul Cornell has written comic books. Maureen O'Brien wrote mystery novels. Lalla Ward wrote more than one book on creative knitting! The panel looks at non-Doctor Who works by writers and actors from the show, Big Finish, and more.

Was "Underwater Menace" Worth the Wait?

It's taken almost fifty years for this Troughton story to make it to DVD, but was it worth it? Our panel of experts discuss the story, the two surviving episodes, as well as the special features on the latest (but hopefully not the last) "missing episode" release.

Showrunners Through the Years

When did the culture of showrunner start? Who were the winners and losers? Who were the most influential during Who's fifty years? Who's been overhyped and underrated? And what could Chibnall's tenure look like? It'll be a great panel/discussion.

What to Watch During a Year of No Who?

Stranger Things, and other sci-fi/fantasy suggestions to tide Whovians over until the series returns...

The Many Accents of the Doctor

Every planet has a North and a Scotland. An interesting discussion that could also go into the sociocultural dynamics of the UK (e.g., apparently Chris Eccleston left because the BBC felt he was "too" Northern, a.k.a working class.)

Disabilities in Doctor Who

A discussion of different characters who have had disabilities and how they were handled. Cass is one in the recent series.

Fitting The Bill

With Season 10 on the horizon, a new companion is about to enter the TARDIS. Who is she? Based on what you've seen, what former companions do you think might influence her? What role do you hope she has in the Doctor's life? We'll look to piece together the puzzle that is Bill in this wide-ranging discussion.

The Guy That Was in That TARDIS

Looking at and paying tribute to all those wonderful character actors/actresses who have found their way into Who over the years.

Man About the TARDIS

The male companions from Ian to Steven to Jamie to Harry to Adric to Turlough to Mickey to Captain Jack to Rory! Which ones are your favorites? Do they get short shrift compared to the female companions? Is it time for a transpanion?

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Doctor

Discussing the role Douglas Adams played during his time with the series and where his own work intertwines with the show, back when he was actively involved and since then.

Not the Mind Probe!

A discussion by fans to find the very worst Doctor Who story of all time.

The Black and White Era

A fan discussion of favorite moments and episodes from 1963-1969 with the First and Second Doctor.

5 = 1: A Fan's Appreciation of the Fifth Doctor

Discuss the awesomeness that is Peter Davison's portrayal of the Doctor.

He Who Shall Not Be Named

Everyone has their favorite Doctor. However, everyone would also admit that some Doctors are not for them. Who? Why?

You'll Thank Me When This Is Over

A discussion of controversial figures in Doctor Who history.

Doctor Know: Are We Learning Too Much About the Doctor?

This mysterious traveler known as the Doctor has revealed more about himself in the new series than he had in the previous forty-three years. Do we really want to know more?

Canon Cannon

Making sense of over fifty years of inconsistencies.

How It Should Have Ended

A panel of writers and fans look at alternate ways Doctor Who stories could have ended.

Who is the Best Doctor to Write for and Why?

Like the title says, this panel asks writers their preferences on Doctors for protagonists in stories. Why would they choose to write for specific Doctors?

Is the Doctor Still British?

Doctor Who has become a world phenomenon, but as the show's appeal is embraced internationally, is it losing it's "British-ness?"

Air Guitar Contest: the Encore (Saturday 10 PM)

Are you ready for the encore of the "100% Rebel Time Lord Air Guitar Contest"? It was a big hit last year. Can you be as cool as the Twelfth Doctor on guitar? You will be judged on individual performance, stage presence (Can you win over the crowd?), flair and originality (customize your costume or visual presentation), and overall enthusiasm. There will be a round where you will air guitar to the Doctor Who Theme with your fellow air guitar combatants. L.I. Who will provide blow-up air guitars and sonic sunglasses (you can keep the sunglasses if you compete). SIGN UP EARLY FOR THIS ONE. Email davistb@aol.com. Give your name and song selection (60-90 seconds) or you can bring a song on a CD or a flash drive. You can email the file in advance; the song must be readily available on YouTube, or we will choose a song for you. Good luck and rock on!

Acting with the Doctor / Companion Competition

This is a fun contest for fans to act out a part or speech as the Doctor or companion while looking at the original scene. We'll provide text for you to follow. Your mission is to act over the top, use body gestures, or just make it as goofy as you can. The audience will cheer for the winner. SIGN UP EARLY FOR THIS ONE. Email davistb@aol.com. Give your name and preferred scene (up to two minutes) or we'll choose a scene for you.

"Is It Meglos?"

David J. Howe hosts an all new trivia game in which a panel of Doctor Who fans are read bits of dialogue from Who episodes. The panelists have to guess which stories they're from. Who will reign as the king of Whoknowledge? SIGN UP EARLY FOR THIS ONE. Email davistb@aol.com.

Steven Taylor: The Most Human Companion

As Peter Purves makes his first L.I. Who appearance, join us for this fan panel as we go story by story through Steven's too-short tenure in the TARDIS. From exchanging razor-sharp banter with William Hartnell's Doctor to carrying one story ("The Massacre") by himself to singing lead in one of Doctor Who's most iconic musical numbers, we'll discuss all the moments that made Steven Taylor so great. Moderated by Jason Miller.

Monsters Revisited!

One of the most memorable moments in the last televised season of Doctor Who was Peter Capaldi's impassioned speech about the horrors of war to humans and Zygons. The New Series has spent a lot of time revisiting Classic Series monsters, from the Zygons to the Daleks to the Cybermen to the Silurians to the Ice Warriors to, yes, even the Macra. In this panel we'll discuss what updates to the classic monsters have worked (the Zygon speech) and what might not have been such a great idea (Ice Warriors with their armor off). And we'll talk about what other classic series monsters you'd like to see rebooted in the coming seasons.

The Target Novelizations

For many fans, both American and British, the only way to experience Classic Who stories a second time was to read the book adaptation. Before the VHS and DVD releases, many fans knew the stories better in book form than in video form, and a lot of the characterizations and descriptions from these books have become iconic in and of themselves. In this panel, fans who love Doctor Who both on TV and in print will talk about how these little books influenced their fandom.